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Symbio is a smart investment platform based on the updated Ponzi scheme.

What is the difference between Symbio and the classic Ponzi scheme, financial pyramid or HYIP-project?

1. Transparency of internal information.
Investors have access to all important information such as fund stability indexes, fund development trends, risk and profitability levels, that enable conscious investment activities.

2. Optimum risk and profitability ratio at any given time.
High risk results in high profitability and vice versa. Any investment decision is always mathematically justified.

3. Balanced cash flows.
Cash inflows and outflows are balanced, which ensures harmonious project development.

4. Cycles.
Symbio always evolves and moves forward. Fund depletion is always a beginning of a new cycle.

5. Risk free investments.
Investors can minimize the investment risk by applying conservative investment strategies. Alternatively, Symbio Protect program can be used.

6. Other income earning opportunities (aside from investing).
You can also earn high income by spreading the word about Symbio or by working to improve the project.

Earning opportunities depend on the type of the investment program chosen:

- Symbio Invest program offers floating rate of return that changes daily and is based on the stability level of the fund (CSI rate). Higher fund stability generates lower returns.

Maximum fund stability offers minimum profitability level of 0.5% per day or 24% per month. Furthermore, medium fund stability can provide for up to 3% return a day.Profit is added to SI programm balance (compounded interest)!

- Symbio Protect program offers fixed rate of returns of 2.0% per day. Your investment doubles in 100 days.Profit is added to Account Balance directly!

NOTE: Min. investment amount - $3. Learn more about investment programs - Knowledge Base - Investing.

Investment risks are inversely correlated with the stability of the fund. Higher stability of the fund will result in lower investment risk.

Stability and risk level is clearly identified by CSI indicator through colour coding. Therefore, helping the investors control their activity and transact at the risk level of preference.

Investment risk is maximized at the end of the cycle (red CSI zone), when there is a high likelihood of complete fund depletion.

However, high risk results in high profitability and vise versa.

NOTE: If the preference is to reduce risk and protect funds, investment activity should only be carried on when CSI is in blue or green zones. Alternatively Symbio Protect program can be used.

In addition to investments, you have two other options of generating income:

- Become Symbio Envoy and earn salary and bonuses by educating the public about the project.

- Become Symbio Teammate and monetize your ideas and professional knowledge through directly contributing to the project development.

Learn more – Symbio and I

All deposits and withdrawals are carried out through Bitcoin and Perfect Money payment systems.

Transactions initiated through Bitcoin can take up to 60 minutes (based on the features of the BTC system). Generally, transactions initiated through Perfect Money payment system are instantaneous.

NOTE: Min. withdrawal amount - $3. Withdrawals of funds over $300 are handled by our security service which may take slightly longer. If your transaction was not completed within 24 hours from initiation, please contact technical support - Сontact us

Our rules prohibit registration of multiple accounts for one user.

In the event of violation of this rule, our security service will block all accounts of the user.

NOTE: Suspicious partnership connections and financial transactions are clear signs of prohibited activity.

Symbio is based on monetary fund at the initial level of $80,000. Fund’s value and risk indicators begin to fluctuate in response to cash inflows and outflows generated solely by the investors.

Fluctuations in fund stability automatically trigger corrections to risk and profitability.

For your convenience, current correlation of 3 most important system performance values (fund stability, risk and profitability) are combined in one universal stability indicator – CSI, which is always publicly accessible.

Investors interact with the fund, make investments, receive daily returns and have control over safety of their funds.

When the current fund is depleted, a new fund is formed and a new cycle is initiated. This is called Symbio cycle renewal.

Learn more - Technology

The platform is created by an international team of developers - Symbio Limited (Colombo, Sri Lanka). Our team has been working together since 2012 and consists of individuals specializing in various areas of expertise, anywhere from financial engineering to sociology.

We are interested in anything that is related to financial technologies. We are developing in various fields and are looking for talented individuals. If you have creative improvement ideas for our project, we will be happy to work with you on becoming Symbio Teammate.

Ideas of Nassim Nicholas Taleb have inspired us to create Symbio. N.N.Taleb – a well-known risk management expert, financial engineer, trader, millionaire and a professor at the University of New York. N.N. Taleb is also known as the creator of the Black Swan and Antifragile theories. In collaboration with Benoit B. Mandelbrot and Daniel Goldstein, N.Taleb has developed a new outlook at financial risks and operations involving uncertainty and probability.

Symbio is a self-regulating financial system based on mathematical algorithms. The system has an ability to change in response to influencing factors, thereby, offering internal balance, growth and maximized lifespan.

Supervisory functions are carried out by Symbio team of developers. In general, human intervention with the system is minimized.

NOTE: Our final objective is to use Smart Contracts technology for all financial processes in order to eliminate human factor in the fund’s functionality.

Symbio does not use funds deposited into the system to purchase any kind of equities to generate income for its investors. The revenue is generated exclusively by application of financial technologies.

Сash flows within the system are intended for and initiated solely by the users of the platform.

NOTE: Symbio is not an “economic miracle”!
Despite the implementation of financial advancements that ensure stability and longevity of the cycle, the fund will inevitably get depleted creating losses for some of the more aggressive investors.

Hence, Symbio is a cyclical system. As soon as a cycle has reached its end, a new fund will be formed and a new cycle will be initiated, and so forth.

- Beginning Symbio Cycle 2 (when all transactions will be carried out using cryptocurrency), the project will be supplied with transparency and Control System based on blockchain technologies, which will enable independent stability control of Symbio.

- Our final objective is to use Smart Contracts technology for all financial processes in order to eliminate human factor in the fund’s functionality.

- The first cycle of the project is currently in progress. A new cycle will commence at the conclusion the first cycle and so forth.

NOTE: It is hard to predict the total number of cycles Symbio will carry out, as there are numerous contributing factors. Nevertheless, the total number of cycles does not have an effect on the users of Symbio. It is more important that the proper functioning of the platform during each cycle is ensured.

Our team acts as a broker. Commission fee of 1.9% is applied when funds are withdrawn from the Account Balance.

Full set of Financial Indicators of the fund is also available for a fee.

Start-up fund is required to ensure stability and solidity at the initiation stage of each cycle.

Anchor investors acquire proportionate stake of the start-up fund. In return they are awarded with superior conditions of cooperation with Symbio.

An opportunity to become an Anchor Investor will become available at the beginning of next cycle.

Check start-up fund here -

Symbio is an experimental model. It cannot be currently identified as a specific economic activity by taxation authorities. Therefore, the official economic activity registration of the platform is not possible.

Platform software developer is Symbio Limited (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

It is set to ensure interest payouts to investors.

The initial fund is formed by anchor investors at the beginning of the cycle. The initial size of Symbio Cycle 1 fund is $80,000.

Further size and stability of the fund vary depending on cash inflows and outflows initiated solely by the participating investors.

Prevalence of inflows over outflows allows for fund growth, whereas prevailing outflows lead to fund depletion.

Fund stability is a main indicator used by Symbio. It characterizes variations in the volume of the fund. Higher fund stability indicates low likelihood of fund depletion and low investment risks, and, however, lower rates of return.

NOTE: Symbio identifies 4 levels of fund stability (colour coded representation on CSI)

Blue – progressive fund growth through significant prevalence of inflows.

Green – moderate fund growth through prevailing inflows.

Yellow – fund equilibrium through equal inflows and outflows.

Red – decreasing fund through prevalence of outflows.

Financial Indicators section of your account provides easy access to current fund size, trends, in and outflow volumes, and other relevant information.

A cycle is a period of Symbio Fund existence and development from initial creation to complete exhaustion.

The cycle begins with formation of the fund by anchor investors. The cycle ends when the fund is completely depleted or is left with no monetary value in it (CSI is at far right position).

After the cycle has been completed and analyzed, a new fund is formed and a new cycle begins.

Investment deposits within a new cycle are accepted gradually in the order of the queue and in accordance with the amount of accumulated Symbio Points. This helps to avoid oversaturation of the fund at the initial stage of the cycle.

NOTE: Cycles can vary in overall duration, duration of CSI stability zones, initial and maximum fund volume, etc.

Symbio Cycle 1 is currently in progress. Estimated duration of Symbio Cycle 1 can be found in the Financial Indicators section of your account.

CSI is a Core Stability Indicator of Symbio fund.

Its main purpose it to assist investors conveniently monitor current status of the three main platform indicators – stability, risk and profitability.

CSI is the main tool of the investor when working within the Symbio Invest program.

CSI adjusts its value every 24 hours at 00.00am GMT. With its help, investors can:
- stay current on interest rates for Symbio Invest deposits and assess returns on investments
- monitor fund stability and adjust their investment strategy,
- make informed decisions on profit capitalization when current risk levels surpass their risk comfort levels.

Right bound indicator suggests decreasing fund stability and increasing profitability of investments. Left bound indicator suggests regaining of fund stability and decreasing profitability.

CSI Zones: CSI indicator is conveniently coded by colour. Each colour code represents its own combination of fund stability, risk and profitability.

Based on the current CSI indicator, investors can make corrections to their investment strategies.

NOTE: Estimated duration of the current CSI zone can be found in Financial Indicators section of your account.

* When investing in the red zone of CSI, users need to be aware that high profits are accompanied by significant risks of fund depletion and possible loss of funds. Therefore, participation in the red zone resembles playing a lottery.

What does the investor do?

An investor interacts with Symbio monetary fund, invests and receives daily income. CSI and other financial indicators enable the investor to monitor fund stability, risk and returns.

What are the features of investing with Symbio?

- Optimal risk and profit ratio at any given level of fund stability.

- Easy access to most up to date Financial Indicators of the platform, which provides complete information for independent analysis and informed decision making

- Risk free investment program – Symbio Protect

- The platform is suitable for risk averse as well as conservative investors

Investors’ risk management:

Symbio always meets investors’ expectations.

Losses may occur only when the investor is prepared to assume high risks in the attempt for high profits (during highly unstable fund stage). If the investors prefer to protect their funds, it would be recommended to operate during the stable stage of the fund. Alternatively, Symbio Protect program can be used.

How to become an investor?

To become an investor, please register an account, fill up your Account Balance with a desired amount and activate at least one investment program

There are two Symbio investment programs. The investor can choose one or both for activation.

NOTE: Before you begin, find out more about how each of the programs work.

- Select an amount between $30 and $50,000 and make an investment

- Profit is accrued daily at 11.59pm GMT and is calculated using CSI interest rate of that day.

- Profit is added to SI balance (compounded interest).

- Monitor CSI and Financial Indicators. When you identify that the current risk and return ratio is no longer optimal for you (ie. CSI moved to its next zone), close Symbio Invest and capitalize your returns.

- Symbio Invest can be closed at Checkpoints (every 10 days)

- A progressive bonus, ranging from 2% to 5% of current Symbio Invest balance, is awarded every time you reach the next Checkpoint.

- If you would like to capitalize your profits before reaching your next Checkpoint, a fund destabilization penalty of 9% of current Symbio Invest amount is applied.

NOTE: Using Checkpoints, Symbio calculates and corrects the load of the fund. This enables fund stability and predictability.

Symbio Protect is only available to investors during the fund is highly stable (when the probability of depletion is minimal). Therefore, investors' deposits are safe.

In case of the fund status change to unstable, Symbio Protect will be closed automatically and investors deposit will be transferred to Account Balance.

- Select an amount between $30 and $50,000 and make an investment:

- Profit is accrued daily at 11.59pm GMT and added to the Account Balance directly.

- Fixed interest rate - 2.0%.

- Unlimited investment term ( +100% per 100 days)

- Monitoring of fund stability is not required, as the your funds are protected by Symbio.

NOTE: Quantity of Symbio Protect investors is limited.

In addition to CSI, investors have access to platform Financial Indicators.

Financial Indicators are a set of graphs and indexes reflecting important statistical data of the system. These indicators enable the investors to analyse variations in cash flows, evaluate current status of the fund and forecast the development.

Financial Indicators are tools essential to working within the Symbio Invest program. Indicators and related data are updated every 24 hours at 00.00am GMT.

List of Financial Indicators:

- Inflow (Money Inflow)

- Outflow (Money Outflow)

- AIV (Aggregated Inflow Volume)

- AOV (Aggregated Outflow Volume)

- FV (Fund Volume)

- MID (Money Inflow Dynamic)

- MOD (Money Outflow Dynamic)

- FDI (Fund Dynamic Index)

- FCI (Fund Capacity Index)

- AP (Average Payout)

- AD (Average Deposit)

- CRD (CSI Rate Dynamic)

- CDF (Cycle Duration Forecast)

- ZDF (CSI Zone Duration Forecast)

- RI (Reinvestment Index)

- SLR (Symbio Loyalty Rate)

- SP/SI (Symbio Protect/Symbio Invest)

Full set of Financial Indicators is provided to users for a fee - $29 per 3 months.

Envoy is responsible for promoting the ideas of Symbio.

By spreading the information along with an invitation code Envoy educates the public about platform.

Envoy’s productivity is measured by the volume of funds contributed by the investors invited. This is the main criteria influencing Envoy’s ranking, bonus and salary.

When a new user registers providing your invitation code, you become an Envoy.

Your invitation code and promotional materials that are also used for invitation purposes can be found in Envoy section of your Account.

Envoy’s status is based on the volume of funds contributed by Envoy’s invitees. Higher level of Envoy’s status will result in higher bonuses and salary.

Once a certain status is achieved by Envoy it remains unchanged during the current cycle and cannot be demoted or cancelled.

Envoy Status Table:

NOTE: The volume of funds attracted by the Envoy is calculated based on the New Funds invested by his/her invitees.

A bonus is a reward based on the percentage of funds raised. Bonuses may vary from 7% to 15%, depending on the status of the Envoy.

Envoy bonuses are momentarily deposited to the Account Balance and can be withdrawn or transferred into the investment programs.

NOTE: Envoy bonus only applies to New Funds invested by the user invited.

A salary is a fixed monthly reward for services provided. Salary levels vary from $200 to $10,000/month and depend on Envoy’s status.

Payments are made directly to Envoy’s Account Balance every 30 days (from the receipt of the first salary payment). These funds can be withdrawn or transferred into the investment programs.

NOTE: Once a certain salary level is reached, it stays fixed for the duration of the current cycle and cannot be reduced.

First payment of Envoy salary is made 30 days after Envoy Pro status is achieved.

Funds invested into a program that exceed the total amount of funds ever withdrawn by the same user from the investment program are called New Funds.

Envoy's Status is determined solely based on New Funds attracted.

Being by:

- Tell your friends why you like Symbio and provide them with your invitation code in person or through social networks.

- Create a group in social networks, a blog or a video channel dedicated to Symbio. This will help you to share your experiences of investing with Symbio, assist others in learning and understanding the platform, recommend investment strategies, analyse Financial Indicators or forecast fund development.

- Market Symbio platform along with your invitation code among those who are interested in online investments programs, in discussion forums, blogs, groups, social networks.

Envoys are welcome to choose and use any methods of promotion. Be creative in applying your abilities and skills and come up with your own approach.

This approach is not prohibited. The team can operate under one account and collaborate in promoting the project. Often this approach is quite effective.

Responsibility for distribution of profits between the team members, in this case, lays on the leader of the team.

When the cycle renews the status of Envoy will be reset. However, all users previously invited by Envoy remain in his/her portfolio of users.

It is not necessary to invite new users in order to re-establish the status. It would be sufficient that the existing users participate in the new cycle.

NOTE: Therefore, large portfolio of invitees created in current cycle may become a solid base for salary and bonuses in the cycles to come.

A Teammate contributes to development of Symbio.

If you have practical and useful ideas on how to improve and promote Symbio, you can become a part of our team. Tell us about yourself and how you can contribute to Symbio - Сontact us. If your suggestions really strike out, we will discuss our terms and grant the status of the Teammate to you.

We are seeking individuals with various qualifications such as SMM, SMO, Content manager, Video blogging, Video tutorials, SEO, Copyrighting, etc.

Find out about current job opportunities in News section of the site.

Terms and condition of the Teammates compensation are discussed on individual basis.

Our registration process is short and easy. All you need is a valid email address and invitation code.

We do not gather our user’s personal data, which allows for complete anonymity of the account.

Account Balance is required for financial transactions of every individual user such as funds contribution, withdrawal, investment program activation, salary and bonus receipts (for Envoys and Teammates), and so forth.

All deposits and withdrawals are carried out through Bitcoin and Perfect Money payment systems.

NOTE: Funds located in your Account Balance do not participate in formation of the fund, cash flows and are risk free.

Functional currency of Account Balance is USD.

Transfer funds to your Account Balance and activate one or both investment programs – Symbio Invest or Symbio Protect.

NOTE: Min. investment amount - $30.

A complete set of Financial Indicators is available for a fee.

Access price is $29 per 3 months.

A complete set of Financial Indicators will assist to fully utilize the Symbio Invest program, perform independent analysis and forecast development of the fund.

This section is designed for Envoys of our affiliate program. It provides Envoys with statistics of their activity, invitation code and various promotional materials.

Symbio Points is a rewards system based on activity of the users.

One point is awarded daily for every dollar deposited to Account Balance and investment programs.

Accumulated Symbio Points can be exchanged to real currency at the start of the next Cycle. Every 500 points is equal $1.

NOTE: Furthermore, deposit priority for a new cycle is given to those with higher level of accumulated Symbio Points.

It is important to have deposit priority, as deposits form general public may not be accepted for 1-2 months after the renewal of the cycle.

This section of account is our way to communicate with you. Program news, special events and promotions will be available here.

Red Symbio Hot indicates that we have prepared something special exclusively for you or for all users of the platform.

Cash flow management enables control over the fund volume. This allows for harmonious and predictable fund development, and maximized duration of the cycle.

Inflow stimulation is vital for stabilizing a diminishing fund. Oversaturated fund prompts for reduced inflow which is achieved through restrictions applied to deposits.

Thus the burden of the fund is evenly distributed.

System allows for optimal correlation of risk and return within itself, meaning that higher risks allow for higher returns and vice versa.

Hence, all investment strategies (conservative or risk averse) are mathematically justified.

For instance, investing while in Blue CSI Zone is characterized by very low risk, however daily yield is also very low in comparison to Yellow CSI Zone (which is characterized by increased risk of investment).

Statistical data of the fund and financial flows is publicly available and updated every 24 hours.

CSI Indicator reflects current fund stability, risks and profit levels graphically.

Thus, every user of the platform has access to complete scope of information about the system which allows for independent analysis, investment strategy planning and fund development forecasting.

NOTE: Beginning Symbio Cycle 2 (when all transactions will be carried out using cryptocurrency), the project will be supplied with transparency and control system based on blockchain technologies, which will enable independent stability control of Symbio.

When the current cycle has passed all stability levels and has been depleted, a new cycle is formed, and so on.

The cyclic nature of the fund is our feature. It only became possible due to the openness of the financial information. Investors have the opportunity to objectively evaluate the fund stability and transact at the acceptable risk levels.

Expectations of all investors are met during the cycle, and there is nothing that prevents them from participating in subsequent cycles.

To eliminate the risk of loss of funds conservative investment approach can be used. This can be achieved by investing when the platform is highly stable, cash inflows prevail over outflows, and the probability of fund depletion is at the minimum (Blue or Green CSI Zones). Alternatively, Symbio Protect program can be used.

NOTE: Investing with Symbio can result in losses only under the circumstance when the fund is depleted at the end of the Symbio Invest program and aggressive investment approach is taken at the end of the cycle (Red CSI Zone)

Scientific interest motivated creation of Symbio.

System is an ideal platform that enables studying models of investors’ behaviour under the changing conditions of risk and return. We study trends of investment decision making, group phycology of investors, perceptions of acceptable risk tolerance, and so on.

Our research findings are of great interest to financial institutions as well as are vital to further development of Symbio.

As an experimental model, Symbio is susceptible to systemic risks. However, the platform is built with capabilities of adapting to changing conditions and factors. Predictability of Symbio will grow with increasing volume of analytical data gathered about investment decisions of investors, which would improve and advance system’s algorithms.

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