Risk Disclosure

The purpose of this disclosure is to inform the user (thereafter referred to as “the Investor”) about possible risks related to the invesment activities carried out within and through Symbio Finance web service located at https://www.symbio.finance (thereafter referred to as “Symbio”)

This disclosure does not is not intended to discourage the Investor from the investment activities, but is designed to help assess the risks and develop a responsible approah to making decisions while carrying out any transactions within the service.

This declaration defines Risk as a possibility of a situation that may lead to losses for the Investor.

Symbio is not liable for the Investor’s financial losses related to risks identified below:

1. EPS (Electronic Payment System) Risk is the risk related to bankruptcy, or any defeciencies and service interruptions of the electronic payment systems. Since Symbio’s financial transactions are serviced by third-party EPSs, there is a risk of those systems becoming insolvent or not functional which may lead to the loss of funds on those accounts and inability to meet financial obligations to Symbio and, therefore, its Investors.

2. Currency Risk is the risk of loss as a consequence of unfavorable flactuations in exchange rates on monetary transactions. This type of risk exists when the Investor deposits or withdraws funds converting into Symbio’s internal currency (equivalent to USD)

3. Risk ofcurrency and service misconduct by third parties. Such risk may arise as a result of unauthorized intruders and hacker attacks aimed at software and information security of services and Investors. The Investors are responsible for safety and confedentiality of their log-in and account information.

4. Operational (technical or technological) Risk is the risk of direct or indirect loss as a result of a malfunction or inadequacy of information, electronic and other systems. Infrastructure errors, operation technologies, management procedures, recordkeeping and control procedures (or abscence of thereof) of staff and unrelated parties, as well as external events are examples of operarational risk causes.

5. Force Majeure

Symbio is not responsible for any financial losses as a result of force majeure. Such circumstances can be characterized as unforeseeable, external to the parties of the contract, unavoidable (irresistible), urgent and independent of the will and actions of the participants, including but not limited to natural disasters, fires, technological accidents and disasters, accidents on engineering structures and systems, ddos-attacks, riots, war, terrorist attacks, civil movements, strickes, actions of the state authorities and local governments.

6. Risk related to legal provisions of different jurisdictions. The Investor also assumes the liability for participating in Symbio investment activities in jurisdictions where such activities are restricted or prohibited by law.

8. Systemic risk is the risk related to the functionality of the whole system. Specifically, the risk of inadequate functionality of Symbio’s system algorithms. Since the framework of the system is largely experimental, the factors affecting its stability cannot be fully relied on.

Investing into experimental financial projects is often associated with systemic risks. However, such investments are more profitable, than regular financial instruments.

In return, Symbio takes all actions in relation to information and technology in order to prevent occurrence of the above-mentioned undesirable effects on the Investor.

By using Symbio services, the Investor confirms that he/she has been familiarized with this disclosure, understood its content and fully accepts it. This disclosure can be changed or updated at the discretion of Symbio at any time. Users will be notified of changes immediately after such changes are made. The Investor acceps all the changes to the disclosure by continueing to use the service after the notification.